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About Pistil Pioneers

Pistil Pioneers is a family owned licensed farm that has been growing cannabis since 2002. We are located on Lake Creek outside of Triangle Lake. Our farm works hard to provide high quality and consistent top shelf cannabis for Oregon. Boasting signature strains such as Grapefruit Moonshine, Mango and Banana Puddin’, we excel in early crops with high yields.


We at Pistil Pioneers put our love, time and energy into making the best products for you to enjoy. Over the past few years, 90% of all the strains we grow are created by Pistil Pioneers and bred in-house, and the future will bring many more. Our newly created strains provide some of the best looking, tasting, smelling and high-THC cannabis anywhere.


We are proud to consistently produce amazing top shelf cannabis for consumers of all walks of life.


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Our New Flower

Grapefruit Moonshine is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created as a cross between Grapefruit and Vintner’s Moonshine.

20% – 27% THC

Mango is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing KC 33 (a cross between Afghani, Haze and Ukrainian) with Afghani.

23% – 24% THC

Triple Threat is a hybrid strain created as a cross between our highest testing strains: Mango, Grapefruit Moonshine and Cannatonic (CBD).

13% CBD | 13% THC

Rumple Berry is a hybrid cross which includes Shishkaberry, Chemdog Diesel and Vintner’s Moonshine.

20% – 26% THC

Leave Us A Message

If you are interested in distributing our flower or have any questions call us or leave us a message.

Phone: (541)-953-4763